We build the software for your future

Matou is an EosF project. Founded by Mr. Jiang. Matou is a block producer candidate providing hardware and education, and is also passionately engaged in building the global EosForce community.

What We Do

We are champions of EosForce. We are block producers and community builders. We are helping new EosForce projects find success. We are aiding the platform's development and its adoption around the globe. Join us in shaping the platform of the future.
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Block Producing

We are block producers, and one of the only communities that can fully uphold the responsibilities of doing so, whether its dealing with technical matters or issues of governance.

EosForce Meetup

We regularly organize and attend EosForce events around the world.
We love to share our perspectives with the EosForce community, and to welcome new developers with valuable blockchain education.

About Us

We are a group that believes in the power of the EosForce platform and which envisions its widespread adoption across the world. Our goal is to utilize the undeniable possibilities that the platform holds by providing security, awareness and opportunity to the natural complex of EosForce.


Matou combines high-end hardware with next level technologies. We are creating a global and fun community, together we will build our future!


Our goal is to be at the forefront of the global adoption of EOS, providing a combination of hardware and community education.
Technical Specifications
Dell R730 12*2 core / 128 GB RAM / 600 MB SSD*8 with RAID 6 + 1.2 GB*8 also RAID 6

Scaling Perspectives

With the development of the EOS ecosystem, we will adjust and update hardware settings according to the actual network load status, ensuring that the entire community operates smoothly and safely.